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October 2022 Games

Lost Marbles

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This demo was made by Cabbeast Games and released on Steam in 2022. It is a marble-rolling platformer with many different powerups and ground effects, and with an emphasis on competition. Out of the three modes--Time Trials, Gem Arenas, and Arcade--I played Time Trials the most. These are your standard platformer levels that are rated in difficulty from "Beginner" through "Hard". The later levels heavily feature Ice as a mechanic, but others exist such as Mind Block where the player can't use space to jump and Grippy where the player can move up vertical surfaces. Powerups feature throughout the levels. Out of the ones I experienced--Burst, Dash, Graceful, and Timeweaver--I found Timeweaver the most interesting. The level design is balanced and most of the levels feel like the same difficulty as others in their categories. There is a great amount of replayability in this game through the focus on scores and leaderboards. I ended up replaying multiple levels to improve my score, even if I could never get more than 4 spaces above the bottommost score. As the game is a demo, I could not post a review on Steam. I posted the following on the Steam Discussion Board instead:

This was fun, even though I'm quite bad at the game itself. I enjoy how the marble's spin impacts movement, and I've accidentally hurled myself off the platform a few times from that. I love the breadth of scoring and how you include separate leaderboards for each level, style of play, and overall.

I noticed a couple things--in a level with multiple powerups, when you've pressed E to make a waypoint for Timeweaver, colliding with any other powerup automatically activates the Timeweaver waypoint instead. It also would be nice to have some kind of visual indicator that Timeweaver has been activated (as in, when it actually moves you back in time) and an indicator of where you've set the waypoint. Also, dying in the Round Trip level does not seem to increment the death counter, and the timer itself resets upon death. Finally, there were a couple of spelling errors in the initial instructions page that made the game feel less professional.

Timeweaver and Graceful were fun to use. I'd love to see more levels based on those (and Mind Block and Grippy) in the future. I also enjoyed the music a lot. I did have a minor issue with the window scaling weirdly on startup, but other than that the game played very smoothly. Thanks for making this!

Valkyrie Champions

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This demo is